What is your testosterone level

“In general, all types of exercise stimulate the release and production of testosterone,” says sports medicine doctor Jordan Metzl, ., author of The Exercise Cure . “But there is data to suggest that lifting weights and high-intensity work might stimulate the greatest release of testosterone.” While research shows that those post-workout super-spikes may be temporary, the overall boosting benefit of regular exercise can’t be ignored. Pretty much any and all resistance work is worthy of a place in your T-tweaking program; on the other hand, long, slow cardio slogs, such as everlasting jogging sessions, may have a negative effect on testosterone levels.

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You clearly approached this article with preconceived ideas about a high-fat diet, and you let that affect the advice you gave to people who may or may not see you as an expert. The evidence relating to high-fat diets and testosterone levels that you cited clearly shows a positive relationship between high-fat/low-carb diets and boosting testosterone levels. Not only that, but the study you referenced, when providing ‘evidence’ for high carb diets being beneficial in improving testosterone levels in the body, is irrelevant as it is not statistically significant with a total sample size of 20. Yet you still decide to go against the evidence and recommend to your readers that they should stick to a high-carb diet.

What is your testosterone level

what is your testosterone level


what is your testosterone levelwhat is your testosterone levelwhat is your testosterone levelwhat is your testosterone levelwhat is your testosterone level